One of the best things in Split is definitely its nightlife and not because it is the wildest thing you can experience, but because it can be the perfect mixture of fine dining, al fresco cocktail drinking or simply clubbing.

Split has flourished in the last couple of years, thanks to its newly discovered attention in the world’s eyes and the city has really taken advantage of this fresh love for this vibrant Mediterranean cosmopolis. Be it the abundance of cafes, cocktail and wine bars, or restaurant terraces in every narrow stone paved street, everyone will find something for themselves in Split.

The city center has always been one huge terrace with promenade Riva or Prokurative square as its stage. The entwined streets bursting with summer night life and people sitting and chatting at every corner create the perfect summer night atmosphere. If you care less about wine and cocktails under the stars, but want to dance the night away, there are several clubs in different parts of Split.

Some of them are located at the beach Bacvice, while some are in the city center. If you like to try your luck, you can do that in fancy casinos in the city or just outside of Split. Cafes, cocktail bars, wine bars, restaurants, clubs, open-air stages and casinos are all within the walking distance from the apartments and you can always find your way back easily, rest from the amazing nightlife and recharge for tomorrow, ready for new nightlife adventure in Split.

When you think of Split the first thing that comes to mind is the beautiful historical center and the amazing Diocletian’s palace. But the second thing on your mind is the Adriatic Sea and its beaches. Although Split is the second largest city in Croatia, it has several very accessible city beaches which are all rather private and small in comparison to other famous city beaches on the Mediterranean.

Definitely the most famous and most popular beach in Split is the beach Bacvice, located only a couple of minutes walk from the The View Luxury Rooms.

Bacvice beach is located in a small bay in the central-eastern part of Split, and besides its sandy shore the beach provides many different entertaining options for children and adults alike. There is a children playground just above the beach, as well as cafes, restaurants and clubs.

You can enjoy bathing on the beach during the day, or cool yourself off after a night of clubbing nearby. Other popular beaches in Split are: Trstenik, Znjan, Obojena, Kastelet, Kasjuni and Bene. Trstenik and Znjan are located in the eastern part of the city and you can reach them by foot from the apartment or by a public transport. Both beaches are made of pebble and there are cafes in the vicinity.

Obojena, Kastelet, Kasjuni and Bene are beaches located in the western part of Split, spread beneath the Marjan Hill. Those searching for an amazing view at the Marjan Hill and a bit of wilder beach surroundings should definitely try swimming beneath Marjan at Kasjuni or Bene.

Most beaches have places where you can rent sups, kayaks, jet skis or some other form of aquatic entertainment. Enjoy spending time on a beach in Split carefully, because the sun can be pretty dangerous at 35C in the shade.

One of the first things you hear about Split is that it is a city of sport. Split is equally famous for its professional athletes in various sports as well as for its collective sports clubs, especially football club Hajduk, and a professional tennis player Goran Ivanisevic who has won the men’s singles title at Wimbledon. Other popular sports in Split are basketball, water-polo, sailing, rowing and handball. Some of the best athletes in these sports are: Ratko Rudić, Toni Kukoč, Dino Rađa, Ivano Balić, Petar Metličić, Tonči Stipanović, Skelin brothers and many more.

Sport in Split is a way of life and being healthy and active is important to its citizens, so it is no wonder that they enjoy working out all year long. The Mediterranean climate, mild winters and pleasant summers make the perfect outdoor workout climate. This is probably why people in Split prefer working out outdoors even in outdoor gyms. There are several outdoor gyms, workout stations and calisthenics parks in Split.

The View Luxury rooms are located in one of the most beautiful parts of Split with several outdoor gyms, and one of them is Street workout park Toć. The park is equipped with outdoor exercise equipment, mostly for bodyweight fitness training. The street workout equipment includes several types of bars: parallel, pull up and monkey bars, but also calisthenics training rings.

In street workout park Toć you can find most of the usual fitness equipment and the location of the park, shade during the summer and the greenery make it a very pleasant location for some exercise during your stay in Split. The park will be the perfect place for some light workout but also for more serious exercising for all fitness lovers. Its proximity to the beach Bacvice and the View Luxury rooms makes it also perfect for a combination of fitness, swimming and rest.

Wedding and Honeymoon in Split Croatia. Over the last couple of years Croatia and the city of Split have made a way to the list of top wedding destinations in the world. Partly because of the amazing Mediterranean climate, partly because of the astonishing cultural heritage and historic locations, but also because of the luxury venues that are being built and decorated especially for these joyous occasions. Split has recently made its way to the top, right next to Dubrovnik, Istria and the island of Hvar.

Popular wedding season

Summer is the most popular wedding season, not just for weddings but also for honeymoons somewhere along the Adriatic coast, especially in Split. The newlyweds choose Split and its venues because it has all the beauty of an ancient Mediterranean capital, exuberant natural beauty with the turquoise and crystal clear sea, and excellent traffic connections thanks to an international airport only 30 kilometeres away, as well as ferry lines to all Dalmatian islands.

Planning a wedding or a honeymoon

If you are planning a wedding or a honeymoon in Croatia and you are still wondering where to have your ceremony and party, keep in mind that Split has many amazing waterfront restaurants by the sea and open air venues. The most popular wedding venues and churches are: the Mestrovic gallery, Kastelet, Sustipan, Marjan, Bene, St.Duje cathedral, St.Frane church and many other charming locations perfect for your wedding day. If you still didn’t propose to your significant other, many locations in Split will be the perfect scenery for your romantic moment.

Whether you choose to do it in a restaurant, on hill Marjan, somewhere on the beach; or like our guest in one of The View luxury rooms on a bed of roses, we wish you love and a happy life together!

The Best Photography Locations in Split, Croatia

There aren’t many things that can compare to the beauty of Split, except maybe the beautiful view at Split itself. And it is not just the city view that can take your breath away, because there are several places you should visit to enjoy in the serene beauty of the nature, and cultural heritage of Split.

One of the most popular view spots is Vidilica on the hill of Marjan. Marjan is located East of city center, and you can reach it by climbing the stairway uphill to Vidilica. This is the place to see if you want to take postcard-like photos of Split with you in them.

Top places to take photos in Split, for landscapes & shoots

The aforementioned hill Marjan is simply by its position and height the best place to see not only Split, but also the islands of Solta, Ciovo and Brac. On the South side of hill Marjan make sure you visit the hermit Church of St.Jere overlooking the beach Kasjuni. From the top of Marjan you can also enjoy the view at bigger mountains like Kozjak and Mosor. On the west side of hill Marjan at its downhill named Bene, take a romantic stroll and enjoy the sunset.
And if you’re looking for the best view of the city from its immediate core, there is no better place to take sun-drenched city roof photos, than the tower of the Cathedral of St.Duje.

Split, Croatia – the most photo worthy spots to visit

All these places will be perfect for selfies and will definitely be popular on your social networks, but nothing beats amazing photos of Split from your bedroom window.

Imagine you can enjoy in these views from the moment you open your eyes until you fall asleep, without having to leave your room…look no further, because The View Luxury Rooms will surely leave you speechless with its sublime view at the city of Split and the sea in all directions.

Split Summer Festival is a theatre, dance and music festival with a long reputation, spanning from the mid 20th century to this day. This year the 63rd edition of the festival takes place, starting from Friday, July 14th till August 14th.
During these 32 days the city of Split turns into a unique stage, providing a magical ancient ambiance for numerous national and international performances – and that’s precisely what makes Split Summer Festival so special. Not only is it one of the most important cultural events in Croatia with a tradition of more than sixty years, but it is also a festival with special open-air events held at unique venues throughout the historical centre of Split. Imagine watching a ballet performance at Sustipan, a popular city park situated on a cliff overlooking the sea; or experiencing the opera Aida by Guiseppe Verdi at Peristil, the central square of the Diocletian’s Palace; or watching a contemporary theatre performance in the ancient Cellars of the Diocletian’s Palace. Yes, it really is as special and impressive as it sounds so it’s no wonder the official motto of the Split Summer Festival is “a summer to remember”.

Split Summer Festival is a great event for everyone, no matter whether you’re a passionate art lover or you’re just looking for something fun to see and do during you stay in Split. There are daily events and premieres in all genres, varying from classical ballet and drama to contemporary street theatre and jazz concerts. This year the opening will be marked by the famous opera “The Barber of Seville” by Gioachino Rossini. The whole program is very rich and diverse, and it includes four operas, ten theatre performances, five ballet performances, seven concerts, five exhibitions and four events for lovers of prose and poetry. For more details about the schedule and the prices visit the festival website. As far as the tickets are concerned you can buy them online.

Keep in mind summer is a busy time of the year in Split. There are many people visiting so it’s not always easy to find accommodation, especially something located walking distance from the centre. So if you’re thinking about visiting Split and enjoying the Split Summer Festival, take a look at our The View Luxury Rooms website. We’re conveniently located close to most popular sights and festival venues.

At its core Split is a true Mediterranean town, vibrant, colourful and charming. As the second largest city in Croatia it’s diverse enough for everyone to find something to fall in love with. Here is a list of five things that we love about Split and think are an absolute must-do.

1. Diocletian’s Palace

Though this impressive UNESCO world heritage site is almost 2000 years old, it still stays strong and full of life. It was built by the Roman emperor Diocletian, supposedly as his retirement home and can be entered through four town gates: the Bronze, Golden, Silver and Iron. It should be noted that many people expect something else when they come and are surprised to realize that the Palace is actually taking up the most part of the old town. In a way it’s a “living museum” which stands both as an exceptional historical site and the heart of modern Split and its everyday life.
There are many special areas to visit within the Palace but you’ll soon realize that at every corner, street or square you can actually witness how layers and layers of centuries left their mark. So our advice is: just allow yourself to get lost in the Diocletian’s Palace. Feel the pulse of the city and spend a day wandering its labyrinth of cobbled streets and narrow allies dotted with art galleries, coffee shops and charming little restaurants.

2. Marjan Hill

Marjan Hill is often referred to as the lungs of Split. And it’s no wonder because this green gem overlooking the city is just a 10 minute walk from the city centre. To be honest there are lots of stairs you need to climb to reach the top, but it’s definitely worth it. From the top you get the most amazing views of the city and the surrounding islands. There is café at the top so you can relax and enjoy the views while beating the summer heat with a refreshing cold drink.
If you’re more of an active type of person you can take a walk from there all around the park. It’s good to know that there are stops with fresh water and many different paths and trails you can enjoy. Marjan is a perfect place to get away from the crowds and the buzz of the old town. You can rent a bike or go hiking and jogging, or you can just relax among the pine trees. Keep in mind Marjan is also home to some of the best beaches in Split, especially if you’re looking for those with natural shade.

3. Riva Promenade

Riva is actually a long promenade between the Diocletian’s Palace and the harbour, and it’s one of the favourite pastimes for the locals to meet there. Dotted with cafes, bars and restaurants it’s an area full of activity all day long. It’s probably the most popular choice for your morning or afternoon coffee. If you want to blend in with the locals, just sit there and relax. Take in the atmosphere, sip on your coffee, watch the people passing by and the boats coming and going.
As the evening approaches things start to become busier and more vibrant, and Riva turns into a hive of activity. Depending on the day there will be live music, all kinds of street performers, stalls with local produce etc. So be sure to take an evening stroll along the promenade, treat yourself with a glass of wine or a cocktail and there’s no doubt you’ll soon experience firsthand why the locals love Riva so much.

4. Green Market – Pazar

Just outside the walls of Diocletian’s Palace you’ll find the city’s main green market – locally known as Pazar. For many people this foodie heaven is a colourful and vibrant soul of Split. You’ll find local people selling fresh fruit, vegetables, local cheeses, cured meats, pastries and flowers. But most of all you’ll find a lovely atmosphere full of life and activity.
Be sure to take your time and wander around the market. Enjoy the buzz, the voices, the colours and smells of the fresh produce. Finally, grab some seasonal fruit before you continue to explore the rest of the city center – maybe you can even try to bargain with the sellers (hint: the prices are not fixed).

5. Statue of Grgur Ninski

One thing is certain, be sure not to leave Split without seeing the statue of Gregory of Nin (Grgur Ninski in Croatian). Why is this statue to important you might ask – well there are several reasons but the most important one is – it brings luck  The legend goes that when you pass the statue you should make a wish and rub Gregory’s big toe, and your wish will come true. Whether this is true or not we don’t know, but you’ll easily notice the toe is shining from all the people rubbing it over the years.
If not for luck come and see the statue for its beauty. It’s situated just of the Golden Gate and it is work of renowned Croatian 20th century sculptor Ivan Meštrović.

Parking in Split can sometimes be difficult, especially if you’re a visitor unfamiliar with all the narrow streets and crannies this ancient city is famous for. If on top of that you’re coming to Split during the high season (July and August) parking can turn into quite an ordeal since there’s significantly less parking space due to increased traffic, predominantly towards the city center. So be sure to check this short guide we’ve prepared to help make your parking experience in Split as smooth as possible

First of all it should be noted that if you book your stay in Split directly with us you don’t have to worry about parking issues because we provide you with parking space 10 eur per day.

And since the View Luxury Rooms are conveniently located just a short walking distance from all the main attractions in Split you get to relax and enjoy your stay without having to worry about distances, traffic jams and parking availability.

If this is not the case, then this short guide will hopefully come in handy and make parking in Split less stressful and frustrating for you.

Street parking

Street parking is considered to be the cheapest option, however it’s not always easy to find an available street parking spot. Street parking is marked with white stripes and a blue traffic sign with letter P on it. The fee depends on the parking zone and, of course, the number of hours your car will stay parked. In general, prices per hour vary from 4 to 7 kunas, depending how close to the historical center you are (keep in mind that the historic part with main attractions is dominantly a pedestrian zone). You can pay either by inserting money into the provided automatic machine, or by a text message from your mobile phone. Every machine has a number displayed for SMS, and every text message covers one hour of parking. A few minutes before your parking time expires you’ll receive an SMS with warning. Also, don’t forget to put the parking receipt in the visible place (the most common is the front dashboard of your car). Keep in mind that yellow marked spots are deserved for the disabled. The best thing about street parking is that in most cases it’s free during the night, as well as on Sundays and holidays.

Parking Lots

Besides street parking, there are also parking lots. Price on these lots varies from 5 to 10 kunas per hour, depending on the zone. Namely, Split parking system is divided into four zones, and naturally parking in the zones closer to the city center is more expensive. So for example, the Riva Promenade parking will cost you 10 kunas for the first hour, and 15 kunas for every next hour. As far as availability is concerned, parking lots are a safer bet when compared with street parking since it’s much easier to find a free space. Take a look at this map with all the major parking lots included.


The third option is free parking which the locals naturally prefer since there are no costs included (for example you’ll see that the locals often park on pavements). However, keep in mind that though this option might sound the best, it’s actually the riskiest. First of all it’s really not easy to “catch” available free spots, especially during the summer. And secondly, you might risk the city towing service locally known as pauk (spider) taking your car away and charging you with quite a high towing fee. To avoid this be sure not to park anywhere where there’s no visible parking sign.

Private parking is possible at a location nearby (reservation is needed) and costs EUR 10 per day.