One of the best things in Split is definitely its nightlife and not because it is the wildest thing you can experience, but because it can be the perfect mixture of fine dining, al fresco cocktail drinking or simply clubbing.

Split has flourished in the last couple of years, thanks to its newly discovered attention in the world’s eyes and the city has really taken advantage of this fresh love for this vibrant Mediterranean cosmopolis. Be it the abundance of cafes, cocktail and wine bars, or restaurant terraces in every narrow stone paved street, everyone will find something for themselves in Split.

The city center has always been one huge terrace with promenade Riva or Prokurative square as its stage. The entwined streets bursting with summer night life and people sitting and chatting at every corner create the perfect summer night atmosphere. If you care less about wine and cocktails under the stars, but want to dance the night away, there are several clubs in different parts of Split.

Some of them are located at the beach Bacvice, while some are in the city center. If you like to try your luck, you can do that in fancy casinos in the city or just outside of Split. Cafes, cocktail bars, wine bars, restaurants, clubs, open-air stages and casinos are all within the walking distance from the apartments and you can always find your way back easily, rest from the amazing nightlife and recharge for tomorrow, ready for new nightlife adventure in Split.