Parking in Split can sometimes be difficult, especially if you’re a visitor unfamiliar with all the narrow streets and crannies this ancient city is famous for. If on top of that you’re coming to Split during the high season (July and August) parking can turn into quite an ordeal since there’s significantly less parking space due to increased traffic, predominantly towards the city center. So be sure to check this short guide we’ve prepared to help make your parking experience in Split as smooth as possible

First of all it should be noted that if you book your stay in Split directly with us you don’t have to worry about parking issues because we provide you with parking space 10 eur per day.

And since the View Luxury Rooms are conveniently located just a short walking distance from all the main attractions in Split you get to relax and enjoy your stay without having to worry about distances, traffic jams and parking availability.

If this is not the case, then this short guide will hopefully come in handy and make parking in Split less stressful and frustrating for you.

Street parking

Street parking is considered to be the cheapest option, however it’s not always easy to find an available street parking spot. Street parking is marked with white stripes and a blue traffic sign with letter P on it. The fee depends on the parking zone and, of course, the number of hours your car will stay parked. In general, prices per hour vary from 4 to 7 kunas, depending how close to the historical center you are (keep in mind that the historic part with main attractions is dominantly a pedestrian zone). You can pay either by inserting money into the provided automatic machine, or by a text message from your mobile phone. Every machine has a number displayed for SMS, and every text message covers one hour of parking. A few minutes before your parking time expires you’ll receive an SMS with warning. Also, don’t forget to put the parking receipt in the visible place (the most common is the front dashboard of your car). Keep in mind that yellow marked spots are deserved for the disabled. The best thing about street parking is that in most cases it’s free during the night, as well as on Sundays and holidays.

Parking Lots

Besides street parking, there are also parking lots. Price on these lots varies from 5 to 10 kunas per hour, depending on the zone. Namely, Split parking system is divided into four zones, and naturally parking in the zones closer to the city center is more expensive. So for example, the Riva Promenade parking will cost you 10 kunas for the first hour, and 15 kunas for every next hour. As far as availability is concerned, parking lots are a safer bet when compared with street parking since it’s much easier to find a free space. Take a look at this map with all the major parking lots included.


The third option is free parking which the locals naturally prefer since there are no costs included (for example you’ll see that the locals often park on pavements). However, keep in mind that though this option might sound the best, it’s actually the riskiest. First of all it’s really not easy to “catch” available free spots, especially during the summer. And secondly, you might risk the city towing service locally known as pauk (spider) taking your car away and charging you with quite a high towing fee. To avoid this be sure not to park anywhere where there’s no visible parking sign.

Private parking is possible at a location nearby (reservation is needed) and costs EUR 10 per day.