Diocletian Palace is one of the most significant original structures of the late ancient architecture, a kind of an imperial palace that was enlisted in UNESCO’s World Heritage.

This tour will give you an opportunity to experience this unique city and its history and to find out all the intriguing facts.

Walking tour stops:

Southern part of Diocletian’s palace, Bronze Gates
Diocletian’s cellars
The Vestibul of the Emperor’s Palace
The Mausoleum / St. Dujam’s Cathedral, Cathedral Treasury
The Temple of Jupiter / Baptistery
The Silver Gates
Papalic Palace/City Museum of Split
Golden gates, St. Martin’s Church
Chapel of Arnir the Blessed
People’s Square / Piaca, the Town hall, Karepić house
Iron Gates, Chapel of Our Lady of Belfry
Fruit square, Venetian castle, Milesi Palace, Monument of Marko Marulić